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    Distribution to subfolders

    Fredrik Nyman

      We need to distribute two documents with the same name. The source documents reside in different subfolders and I would like the user documents in the AccessPoint to do that as well. That shouldn't be a problem since (according to the help in QMC) documents may reside in subfolders of the root-folder. However, I can not figure out how to configure the tasks so that the distributed files end up in the subfoders and not directly in the root-folder.


      I tried using mounted folders but then I got multiple instances of the user document in the AccessPoint, since the mounted folders were subfolders of the root-folder. If I create mounted folders outside the root-folder I supppose I would get a result I could live with, but there most be some way to distribute a document to a subfolder of the root-folder.


      How do you distribute to a subfolder?