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    Lookup field value using variable (not inter-record)

      I'd appreciate ideas on a solution for how to perform a lookup of a field value in a Table, but not for an inter-record lookup (where you could use Lookup() or Exists(), but rather when the value you want to lookup is in a script variable.


      I am trying to load files using FOR Each File in filelist(...)  and the number of files is quite large (many 100's).  I have a table that contains files I want to exclude (table is called 'ExcludeFiles' and has a column called 'FileName').  So I would like to do this:


      FOR Each File in filelist('....')

         IF IsNull(Lookup( 'ExcludeFile', 'ExcludeFile', '$(File)', 'ExcludeFiles')) Then

            ... process the file

         END IF

      NEXT File


      However, Lookup() is not working here.  Nor could I get Exists to work.  I gather because both are intended for inter-record lookups.


      Any ideas on how I can look for a match in a resident table when the matchvalue is in a variable (such as $(File) in this case)?