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    Maps Query

    farhan qadri

      Dear Folks,

      I have designed google maps charts at my dashboard.the bubbles shows the business figures while hovering the mouse.

      Is it possible while opening sheet containing google maps , all of the bubbles automatically shows the popup labels with out hovering the mouse.


      or it can be done in more fancy way.




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          Hi Farhan


          I'm assuming you've used a scatterplot with googlemaps returned as an image for the background?


          If so, you need the option to display labels on the points, this can be found in the chart properties, under presentation in the "chart labels" category there is an option to add this.



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              farhan qadri

              Dear Erica,

              Thanks for your response.

              I am using Scatter chart for designing google maps. I am defining bubbles as an area labels showing total sales

              I did not find chart properties.

              I am looking for a pop up labels already open at bubbles like google maps does when we search for any place.



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                  Hi farhan


                  You need to right click on the chart, a menu will pop up with the option to own the properties window. From there, you need to click on his the presentation tab





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