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    Export Objects to PowerPoint

      Hello guys,


      I've created a qvd document where in it there is a sheet made of several objects. User will select a 'Parameter' from the provided ListBox on the upper left corner of the sheet. So with each selected parameter, the objects' projected values will change to reflect the selection. Then there is another requirement to export those charts based on all the available parameters in the ListBox into PowerPoint. I wonder if there is a macro, say would automate clicking on the values in the ListBox one by one and on between one click to another, would export the objects on the sheet that is showing the values reflecting the selected parameter in the ListBox?


      Thank you very much for your kind attention. I got bumped out several weeks already searching for any solutions. Attached is the screenshot of the document for your kind review. Any suggestions, code snippets are much appreciated. Thanks!


      Thank you again.

      - Khairul