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    Incremental load



      Is it possible to do a incremental load from excel? Each month we have a new excel file with updates, wich means that the files will contain the same data. A distinct load will not work because the historic will sometimes change with one value. I want the qlik to only load the new records in the file/or changes.



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          Michele Barini


          you have to find a primary key in the loaded data and then use the exists function.

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            Israr Khan

            if you have date column in excel, the you can specify a where condition, and it should work.

            but for updated records, you should have to update the date column as well with the record,

            or could add separate column as Modified date. this column will have value only if the record has updated value else empty, so you can check in condition whether it is modified or not....

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              Each month we will have a new column, for the below picture the next column "Month 7" will contain values for Month 7 since opening date. Dep, Club and openingdate will not change. I only want to load the "newest month".


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                David Robles

                Create a QVD with the first load.


                After in the script


                let vMonth= month(Today()); or number of month to load.





                from yourQVD.qvd(QVD);


                concatenate (if month is a field) or join (if the new month is a column)






                     'Month ' & $(vMonth)               as Month

                from YourExcel.