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    Ignoring a large number of selections

      Background:  I have a qlikview document that is simple in concept.  Basically just a list of transactions, and a list of the companies that made those transactions.  However, both the transactions and the companies have a lot of attributes.  There's additional complexity in model as well, for example there's parent companies, and a parent might have more than 1 parent company.


      Challenge:  I want to do some calculations where I ignore the selections related to companies.  I've previously done this sort of thing with set analysis, but in this case I'm struggling with whether there's a cleaner way of doing things.  At the moment, with set analysis, if I only want to ignore selections from the company side of my data model, I basically have to go through and, for each field, put in something like [Field 1]=, [Field 2]=, etc.  This is both cumbersome, and hard to maintain.  It's no better if I try to use {1} to ignore the selections, since there's many selections on the transaction side of the model that I actually don't want to ignore. 


      So is there a good way of doing this?  Some syntax that ignores a whole table at a time?  Should I be using something other than set analysis?


      Thanks for your help