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    Power Tools -> User Manager

    Michael Krauss



      I did some modifications to the user manager bundled with the Power Tools.

      Now I'm looking for a possibility to get not only the user name (ad alias) but as well the first and surname from the QikView system.

      Sure i can use the ad alias got from QlikView and get the other information from AD but this is not very nice. Because i have to request for each user the data set from ad.

      QlikView should have already the full name stored somewhere (hopefully). How can i access this Data.


      The default way to get DMS information is running Qv user manager with this options

      qv-user-manager -l DMS

      but i did some extensions to handle "all users" and "all authenticated users" as well.


      This is the way to get the user name:

      QMSClient.GetDocumentMetaData.Authorization.Access will result in an object DocumentAccessEntry and this does have the member UserName.


      Now i would like have the full name as well in the output.