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    How to limit Dimension Values using conditions?

      I have these field/groups: Branch, OpeningDate, ClosingDate, Year, Month, Week

      I'm using pivot table with Branch, Year, Month, Week as dimension and Sales as expression. User can select Year, Month, Week and Branch from menu. But, here I want to show only those Branch for which the following condition must satisfy:

      * Only those Branch would be visible for which the Branch is open for at least a year, using OpeningDate value of a Branch and Year, Month, Week values from menu. If a specific Branch has OpeningDate and it doesn't complete a year, ie. the branch is opened just 2 months ago, then the Branch should never be shown. Also, if a specific Branch is opened and closed in the period for which user has selected Year, Month, Week, then Branch value shouldn't be displayed too.



      Thanks in advance.