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    Question regrading the Document CAl

    Raj vadde


          I heard that when we have a lot of data island in the qlikview data model and user is provided with docment cal .....


      then the application maynot be totally functionally



      in my case i have around like 17 data island tables and each consists of around 1 or 2 filelds... we are using those for conditionally/dynamically enabiling of expression and  dimension in reports tab.



      does my user(we are planning to provide Document cal to them) have any issue with it ..




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          Clever Anjos

          I´ve never heard (or faced) any issue related to Data Island and Document Cal.

          If you´re having performance issues, doesn´t matter what kind of CAL (Named/Doc/Session/Usage) your users are using

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            Stefan Wühl

            This is what I got from QT some while back regarding the limitations of a document license, hope it helps you:


            "The purpose of the Document CAL is to provide a mechanism by which licensees can license the use of a single QlikView application. To prevent the combination of many data models in a single application, there are restrictions in the QlikView applications that can be used with the Document CAL. The Document CAL can only be used with applications that have a single contiguous data model and do not contain any chasm traps between tables. QlikView applications with multiple logical islands are normally not allowed.

            Multiple logical islands are only allowed, if the additional tables are unconnected and contain only few records or a single column. In addition, the QlikView application may

            not contain any loosely coupled tables where there are circular references between the tables in the data structure."

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              Carlos Reyes

              I've never had that kind of restriction with Document CALS, however I also never create data models with big island tables (thousands or million of records).


              On the other hand I often use islands tables for menus and dynamic fields enablement, but those are really small. In the worst case theses tables contain a thousand records at most.

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                Raj vadde

                Thanks all for your responses ....That helps alot

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                  Colin Albert

                  If you press Ctrl-Shift-Q you can access the Document Support Information page this will show if you are OK to use document cals within the conditions listed by swuhei.


                  The Document Licence Status shows ALLOWED if you are within the rules.