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    Scaling of background image changes with different graphic cards

    Colin Albert

      I have a problem when viewing documents containing a background image that has been created on a machine with a different graphics card to the one on my HP 8560 workstation. The 8560W uses the NVidea Quadro 1000M graphics card. I have updated the drivers with no change to this problem.


      This scaling issue can be seen by opening the "Whats New in V11" example document,  and selecting the Reports tab. When I open the Reports tab on my laptop, the grey background box behind the charts does not scale correctly as shown in the screen shot below. The grey background image is incorrectly sized, the right edge appears between Jul and Aug on the Month List box, it should be sized to be beyond Dec.


      Background Image BAD.JPG.jpg


      If I run my machine in Safe Mode to use default VGA drivers, and open the same document the background image on the same document is now scaled correctly as shown in the screenshot below.

      Background Image OK.JPG.jpg


      This issue only occurs when a document is created on a machine using graphics card A and then opened on a different machine that uses graphics card B.  Opening a document on the same machine that the original one was created on does not cause a problem.


      I work as part of a team who develop solutions in QlikView and the apps may be updated by various users who have different machines, so this does cause a problem on documents where we use background images and need to share work on the apps.


      I have support case open with QlikView on this but they do not have any HP laptops that replicate this issue. I have been able to replicate this across several versions of the HP workstation range 8560W and 8530P.


      It would be helpful if the Community can test whether they have this problem by opening the report sheet of the standard "Whats New in QlikView 11" document. You do not need to create your own document to test this, or to have access to different machines.


      If you do see the incorrect scaling, as shown in my first screenshot, please can you post the details of the model of your machine and the graphics card & driver, especially if it is a different model to the HP 8560. The version and build no of your QlikView client would also help. I still see the issue on 11.2 SR3 build 12129 the lasted version.

      I do not need details of machines that show the background correctly, just those that have this problem.


      Many Thanks, Colin.