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    Adding users to QlikView DMS mode

      Hi All,

      We are trying to add custom/non-Windows users to QlikView. But are not successful in creating the custom/Local directory .

      Please provide any pointers/documentation for the detailed steps on setting up the Custom/Local directory.

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          Jonas Heisterkamp

          Following steps i made on EE-Server with Publisher.


          Setup Server Security:

          DMS authorization (QlikView controls file access)


          Setup Directory Service Connector Custom Directory:

          General Path(Prefix is used like Domain Prefix\Username) press apply, be sure that the port is reachable.

          Now User can add under User, Username without Prefix. User can now login under Prefix\Username.


          You can Test it in client, File open on server, with other login.


          Webserver authentification you must change from NTLM to an other option. If you config the right prefix user only needs to add username.


          Now you must add User to the files., you can do it in distribution task and distribute it to Server.

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            Bill Britt

            Please note that if you setup your server for Custom Users, you will not be able to use any other DSC but custom. If you are trying to add users that are non domain members you can always add them as users to the QVS server.