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    combining in a pivot relative and absolute values for the same expression

      Dear all,


      I think I have between my hands a challenging visualisation need!


      I have a pivot which is basically summarising performance of shipped line: on time, delayed by 1 day, delayed by 2 or more days.

      The tricky part is that the values within the pivot table should be expressed in percentages, meanwhile the (sub)totals in absolute values


      so if I have for example 3 different customers purchasing two different products:

      - the total of order lines shipped for products A and B should be 1000

      - the total of order lines shipped to costumers x,y,z should be 1000

      - one should be able to see that for customer x ordering product B, 30% lines were shipped on time, 40% +1 day and 30% delayed.


      Is this something achievable in QV? Otherwise the way to report this data (which I am trying to avoid as much as possible!) would be Excel (also due to other formatting issues)


      thank you very much