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    Upload data in a QVW on Access Point?

    Dicky Mohanty

      Hi All,


      Suppose my QVW is available on Access Point. Now I want to give access to my Users to upload few values to a List Box. For example, there is a List Box called Country with values USA,INDIA,CHINA. Now one user wants to add few more values ex: JAPAN, AUSTRALIA to the Country List Box so that other users can Export the latest data. This task should be User oriented. User should upload the latest data to the QVW file without the help of Developer.


      Is it by any chance possible from Access Point (IE Plugin/AJAX), without opening the QVW file in developer mode?

      If not, are there any other methodologies without touching the original QVW file, like any Input Box usage, or use of Excel Data etc etc.


      Please cite some suggestions.