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    Pivot Table with Expression needing different formating

    Martin Goebbels

      Hi Folks,


      i want to build a pivot table with to dimensions (one for line and one for column) and only one expression wich format changes depending on the line dimension. I tried to use the Num() Function in the expression, like this:


      Expression: = if([line]='a value'

                               , num( [value] , '#,##0')   //case when [line]='a value'

                               , num( [value] , ##0,00%') //otherwise


      The problem is that depending on the filter (selected values of other fields) , the presented value does not respect the formating.


      column value 1column value 2
      a value        345456.60%              34.500
      b value              12.90%              130.01%


      As you can see, for column value 1 and a value data is presented as percentage and for column value 2, it's presented as expected.


      is there a work around? The number format for expressions on parameters windows do not allow multiple formats and the default option (no specific formating) results in this.


      Thank you for any help