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    last stock value per Items in warehouses



      I need to create a stratight table displaying the last entered value for an item but I dont seem to get around it. I have seen other questions like this but they have still not been answered.


      I need to create a list displaying each Item and its last entered value. In my source data I have "Revision date" that I could use but I dont want to filter in extraction but rather do this in a set analysis.


      had it been in SQL I would have dome something like:

      select A, B,  Max(Date)

      Group By A,B


      Resultset would be:


      Item 1, 100, 2012-12-31

      Item 2, 60, 2013-05-04

      Item 3, 140, 2013-11-07


      How do I get this in a chart in QV?


      similar problem as in Stock management - How to extract a stock value from a maximum date. but this is not answered...