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    Make the "cascading" scheduled reload flexible?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am in charge of a company-wide rollout of QlikView.

      In the management_console, we have built a cascade of all the QlikView_apps that have to be reloaded regularly - beginning with our primary data_loading_app (from the database), then there are a few apps, then there's another load_app (from Excel files), then there are a few more apps.

      We built that cascade because otherwise it would be very difficult to get the timing right - all these apps are dependent on one another - the primary data_loading_script has to be first and we don't know for sure how long it takes, the data_model must come after it, then there are a few purely functional apps (no display) and so on. We just couldn't do it differently.


      <=> That, however, poses a problem because some of the apps approx. in the middle of the cascade fail pretty regularly - usually because someone changed or moved one of the underlying Excel files... not our fault, but our problem since all the "following" apps are not reloaded.


      => Is there a way, in the mgmt_console, to flexibilize such a cascade of QlikView_apps so that, when one (out of a sub-set, some are critical to the rest) fails, the next is automatically triggered?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,