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    Configure list box to use a field where data source contains multiple selections

    Nate Schroeder

      I'll start by saying that I am new to Qlikview.  It's quite possible there is a simple solution to my problem that I am not seeing.


      My problem is that some of the columns in my data source can have multiple selections.  For example, in the "Department" column, the database user can choose "Dept A" which is fine, or they can choose multiple departments.  The database handles this by separating the selections with a semicolon, so they show as, "Dept A; Dept C, Dept D", etc.  I believe my challenge is two fold: I need to set up the List Box for this field so that it only shows single department names instead of all of the multiple selections that people have chosen.  Also I need to set it up so that when "Dept B" is chosen in the list box, it shows all of the single selections with "Dept B", but also instances where the field CONTAINS "Dept B", which will cover instances where multiple departments were chosen.


      I appreciate any suggestions you may have.