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    Triggers not functioning properly in 'Full Browser version' view



      I have uploaded a dashboard in server. Something is fishy about  it in the server. Sometime it seems that some of the triggers don't get triggered when my client views the dashboard from her system in 'full browser version'. As a result I and my client see different outputs for the same filter selections.


      Below is one case explained:

      We have a option to select Quarter or Month as time period. Ideally when Quarter is selected, the month selections should get cleared. Sometime this is not happening from my client's end when she views the dashboard. As a result even when quarter is selected, she sees trend charts at month level. At the same time I see them perfect from my system.


      For your information: Sometimes the triggers work and the charts appear perfectly from my client end. This is completely weird. Can someone please help me resolve this problem permanently?


      Thanks and Regards,

      Sandipan Bepari