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    TaskNotification.xml, Task not executing QV 11 IR

    Jagan Vijayakumar



      I am using Qlikview Server 11 Initial Release.


      For some reason, data in TaskNotification.xml is cleared automatically (does not have any data in the xml file).


      TaskNotification.xml is available in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\TaskNotification.xml


      Due to this reason we are not able to trigger any jobs.


      To trigger a job, I need to


      1. Edit the task and uncheck and then check the reload check box

      2. Save the task and run it,


      if I do so, the task runs, and next time if I want to run the same task, I need to perform steps 1 & 2.


      Or I can perform the following step given below to run the task.


      a. Edit the TaskNotification.xml file, Include the task ID's in the xml file and then if I click run, it runs without any problem.


      Please let me know how the overcome the issue.