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    Qlikview Wildcard Freezing



      I am still quite new to QV and am trying to load in multiple .xls files into my QV script. I have been using the wildcard option however everytime I run it the script freezes and never finishes - basically crashes QV until I throw myself out and go back in again.


      It works fine on the multiple files being loaded in individually but not with the wildcard. All of the files are named the same with the date being different at the end: AGESLiveBus_201310.xls (and I need to use AGESLiveBus_*.xls)


      Any help would be greatfully received.


      Many Thanks



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          Aadil M

          First, How many files do you have and how big are they. This could be because of the size issue and you are running out of ram when its trying to load the data.


          Second. Enable the Generate Log option in QVW. Along with the list of fields in the load statement, create one more field like below to identify when the QVW freezes which file is being loaded.






          FileName() as LoadingFile


          From abc...


          after the freeze, you can kill the process and go check the log which file was being loaded and based that you will be able to understand further as to why this would happen.

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            christian juillard

            Hi Lauren


            tyr to set a variable as

            SET FileName = AGESLiveBus_*.xls;




            LOAD * FROM $(FileName);


            This works perfectly (at least for me)


            best regards