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    Dimension problem

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am facing a problem that I had quite a few times before - with one difference:

      - Most of the diagrams I have built so far are combo-charts (both columns and lines)

      <=> My latest one is a barchart (stacked segments)

      => My problem is that in a given week (well, the current week, it is Wednesday), there are only three columns (the dimension is "date", which is the link to a master_calendar.

      <=> I want six days (Mo-Sat) to be displayed on the x-axis from Monday on, so that the width of the columns does not change every day and the whole thing looks more quiet and composed.

      I guess that the reason is that not all days are available in that table - but they are available in the master_calendar.

      Is there any fast-lane method of finding out what it is?

      I would consider severing that link and just seeing whether the dates after today are available or not - but that takes a lot of time...


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,



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          Juan Vitantonio

          Hello DataNibbler,


          If you are sure your calendar will have all possible days then, right join to the calendar

          Load * from TransactionTable;


          Right Keep

          Load * yourCalendar;


          Make sure you have a "Day" field and use that one in your chart. You can also uncheck "Suppress missing values" and Suppress Zero values so you see the day even if you don't have data.



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          • Re: Dimension problem
            Friedrich Hofmann

            Don't bother:


            I have found out, simply by taking out the redundant LOADing of the date_field as %Datum (the field from my master_calendar which I usually use to link new tables to it), that the dates between tomorrow and Friday are not available in my fact table.

            <=> Still, if I use that field to link the table to the master_calendar, shouldn't I be able to use the date_field %Datum (from the master_calendar) as a dimension and have all days displayed, even the days after (today) for which quite naturally there is no data in my fact table?



            I have compared this to another diagram - which happens to even be based on the very same fact table:

            - There is no data in that fact table for tomorrow and the days after, of course

            <=> via the link to the master_calendar (which runs up to Dec 31 of next year), I can display those dates

            - The dimension is typed in exactly the same way

            - I have compared the settings on both the "Dimension" tab and the "Presentation" tab of the dialog

            <=> I have no clue what is the problem this time...

            Does anyone have an idea that might help me here?


            Thanks a lot!

            Best regards,




            P.P.S.: Oh - could it have to do with the fact that all my formulas include a set_expression >>> Date < (today) <<<?

            - I have included that because part of the data is available for (today), but other parts are not - I end up with wrong results if I have it all displayed for (today)


            P.P.P.S.: Yep - that was it. I just have to find out how to include a formula (to display without date_limitation) that won't do any harm...