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      I am trying to get $Table (the list of all tables in my dataset) to behave like a regular table in which I can select elements in it and have them act like filters.

      I think this is best accomplished by simply loading it into another table (after filtering out the items I don't want to see) and then using them to select the fields I need, but I cannot seem to accomplish this.


      The data structure is such that I have a very large number of tables with three fields, an ID field, a value field and a weight field.

      The value field has the same name as the table in which it is stored.

      Thus, I should be able to use the table names (which have the potential to change each time I get new data) to select from and filter by the value fields.

      How do I do this?

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          Alan Farrell

          Create a Table Box and Add all the system fields


          like this



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              That gives me the total number of rows from each of the selected tables, but it doesn't link them back though the ID fields to the other tables.

              So I can get the totals across all time, but not for each individual time period.

              I do want to count the number of fields in the tables, but I need them associated with everything else through the ID field so that they can be segmented by the other fields. (In this case, I need them to group by month name and count the value fields across that dimension)


              I need it to understand that while I am selecting a table name, I want the field associated with that table name so that all of the other joins work.