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    hi QlikView users

      Im beginner on QlikView.

      So I'd like to ask a question, and it could be so easy to you.

      want your understanding!:)


      And! now, I wanna make a simple file about calculation.

      There are three fields in a table.

      field1     field2     field3

      1              3          4

      2              2          6

      3              1          3

      that's excel file.


      and  I will make a field4 using expression.

      (field1+field2)*field3 ==> its just sample.


      Q1. Can I select each value without association?

      After selecting "1", I want make a check list among 3,2,1

      but now I should accept number 3(field2), 4(field4) without select.


      I won't compose three tables each other...


      I want make a multibox without association.

      its possible?


      I hope you are exactly understanding my question ;(



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          If your 3 fields share the same dimensionnality, you will get the association.

          If you do not want the association, remove the common dimensionnality (load these 3 fields into 3 tables for example but without any common field)



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            Israr Khan

            load them in to qlikview like below:



            field2 ,


            field1 + field3 as field4

            if(field1> field2 , 'Greater', 'Smaller') as Test

            from excel...

            then simply add the in Table..

            you dont need any step else.

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                thank you your answer.



                I don't know the reason you wrote:

                if(field1> field2 , 'Greater', 'Smaller') as Test

                actually, I want price table




                If i check the product, and present  the "price" list, the table like a drop box(using expression) to "count number".


                plus (selected count)*price


                so I prepared excel file (product, price).


                Is it possible ...?

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                    Israr Khan

                    it was just an example, if(field1> field2 , 'Greater', 'Smaller') as Test...


                    do you have product and price in one table or in separate tables,


                    show me your script? or your table image ? how data looks like? to help you better...

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                        thanks IsrrKhan


                        it's my xlsx file and script.

                        11.PNG.png, 22.PNG.png


                        there are product, price and count in one file.

                        but, I want to select value without association.

                        33.PNG.png like this.


                        when I select "A", want value "2" or "3" no "1".

                        I cant' ignore connection each other.


                        do you understanding?

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                    So simple answer.



                    LOAD product,





                    (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);




                    Load product, price Resident dd;




                    Load count Resident dd;



                    drop table dd;