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    Binary $(vRAWPath)"000_qvd_v11.qvw"; get error msg

      Hi All


      My org script is below is working fine :-


      Binary "c:\users\paul yeo\dropbox\5 qv_final\0 qv production\000_qvd_v11.qvw";


      I like to change to below script , to make the directory dynamic :-


      Binary $(vRAWPath)"000_qvd_v11.qvw";


      SET vDevelopment = 1; //16 sec (2 min 17 s with supplier = source) local        QVD_PY      10% of Sample data.


      elseif $(vDevelopment) = 1 then   

        SET vRAWPath = 'c:\users\paul yeo\dropbox\5 qv_final\0 qv production\'; //local folder



        SET vRAWPath = 'C:\0QlikView\0 QV\DataSource\RAW\'; //local folder


      END IF



      I get error msg. where i go wrong ?