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    IntervalMatch - intervals "full text" on x-axis?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have one diagram that, after some manipulation and data-juggling, uses an IntervalMatch() function to display:

      - x-axis: Categories (-30 - -21 // -20 - -11 // -10 - -1 // 0 - 9 // 10 - 19)

      - y-axis: Nr of employees that fall within these categories rgd. some figure

      => Currently, in the diagram (combochart), I am using the "to-value" from the inline table with the intervals as dimension

      <=> Is there any way to get the "full text" of the intervals on the dimension_points (so instead of a dimension_point "9" for the interval "0 -9", I'd like the text "0-9" or so)

      <=> If there is no "native" way of doing this, I would do it with a nr. of free-text-boxes in the diagram, but those are quite fickle rgd. positioning and later distinguishing them.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,