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    set analysis count formula

      Hello all,


      I am currently trying to build an expression for a pivot table.

      In this table, I want to display the number of customers, which have a sales volume above a certain level and for a specific product group only.

      The background data would look like following


      CustomerProduct CategorySale
      Customer 1A300
      Customer 1A400
      Customer 1B500
      Customer 2A100
      Customer 2B600
      Customer 3A1000


      The counter should now display e.g. the number of customers, which have an (aggregated) sales volume above 500 for product category A only.

      So in this context, the result of that counter would be 2 (customer 1 having a total sales volume of 700 for category A and Customer 3 with an amount of 1000 for A).

      The difficulty I see is, how to create a count formula with a nested sum or aggr formula.


      Does anyone know, how to set up a formula for that purpose?