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    colors In drilldown block chart



      I am having a drilldown block chart .The idea of this block chart is... It is showing four project phases i.e planning , reporting,wrapup and fieldwork. and for example when we click on any of these phases say 'reporting' then it ill drill down and show the projects which are in 'reporting' phase based on hours count.

      So I acheived this but

      I wanna see all the projects related to 'reporting' should be in Green as shown in the picture

      when we click on reporting , usually it brings the project names but with different colors...but I wanna keep all the projects in same color i.e green

      and same for other phases.


      Please look at the pictures for more understanding

      The below picture 1 showing all the phases and then I clicked on Reporting ... so the Picture 2 showing all the eight projects which are in reporting phase ( I wanna see all of them in green)


      I am not aware how to achieve this, can some one help me with this..



      Thanks in advance,


      David G