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    How to generate monthly records based on data range?

    marcin szuberla

      Hi all!


      I am pretty new to QlikView, currently experimenting a lot with scripting.

      I am currently stuck on creating a table that would give me monthly eligibility records, based on eligibility range.


      I have:



      MemberID     StartDt          EndDt

      A1               2010-01-01     2010-03-05

      A2               2011-01-01     2011-02-25


      I need to create a table that would have:

      MemberID    Year_Month

      A1               2010-01

      A1               2010-02

      A1               2010-03

      A2               2011-01

      A2               2011-02


      Does any one know how to do this? Any help is really appreciated!