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    Practical examples of container structure

    Damian Waldron



      I am working with the deployment framework here in Australia. Historically we have used a very simple folder structure for our deployments. I am interested to know what container structures people are actually using in the wild? Also do you keep all the sub-folders in all containers? In our early discussions this seems to be a little confusing so we will probably only keep the sub-folders that are being used.





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          Magnus Berg

          Hi Damian, good that you have lots of questions

          It’s quite a big difference between a folder structure and using a framework that contains so much more.

          The container folder architecture is based on the idea of separation of duties, to separate categorized entities into folders. It’s actuary the same principle as container resources, but in a micro level.

          The reason for categorization are several, easy to find, re-usability and security.


          Global Variables are created during initiation pointing to all the folders  making separation easy, example:

          Reuse a Connection String use variable vG.ConnString

          Reuse QVD files use vG.QVDPath

          Reuse Configuration files use vG.ConfigPath


          Folders not needed in this particular container can be removed, correlating variable will not be created.


          Magnus Berg