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    Extra Rank



      I'd like to add a new rank by the existing data in the script so I can select that data into a Pivot table.

      See attacht MS Excel example.

      The existing rank contains the data (random and 300 rows): bike, motor, plane, train, walk, run.

      The new rank has to be: everything except walk and run must change to transport, walk still be remains the same (walk) and run still be remains the same (run).


      I think the best solutions is to make a new rang into the script but maybe there is a better solution.


      Thanks in advance.

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          If I understand you correctly, I would recommend that you create a new field to accommodate this data.  Therefore;



               [Mode of Transport],

               If(Match([Mode of Transport], 'Run', 'Walk',)>0, [Mode of Transport], 'Transport') as [Sum. Mode of Transport],


          From ......


          This will give you the flexibility to have either field displayed (or indeed both) and it will not require processing on the front end.


          It would be useful to create a Cyclical Group of these two fields, so a user can quickly change between the two should they require a breakdown.


          I hope this helps, let me know if I've missed anything.


          All the best