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    http://localhost:4780/qmc/default.htm not responding

      Hi All,


      I have made some changes in the details of mail server through the management console itself. But on clicking on "Apply" button http://localhost:4780/qmc/default.htm link keeps on loading and at the end I am getting a message "Internet Explorer can't display page".


      Please help resolve this issue immedeatly.


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,


        • Re: http://localhost:4780/qmc/default.htm not responding

          Hi Anita,


          I just install it myself and got the same error message but I was able to resolve it. Here is what I did:




          1. Make sure all the services are running after the install.

          - Go to Start--->Administrative Tools---> Services

               1) QlikView Server

               2) QlikView Management Service

               3) QlickView Webserver

               4) QlickView Management Service

               5) QlikView Distribution Serivce

               6) QlikView Directory Service Connector


          Once I started these service, I was able to log in.



          Here are a couple things you might want to take look at also:


          1.  IE Enhanced Security Configuration

          - Go to Start--->Administrative Tools---> Server Manager---->Configure IE ESC

               1) Turn off "Administrators"

                2) Turn off " Users"


          2. QlikView Serivces

            Make sure the user id is part of the local Administrator and Qlikview Administrator group.


          Hope this helps!