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    Error when trying SAPConnector with BW for the first time

    Clive Rouse

      Just started testing the various options for extracting data from BW. I've imported into my BW system the transport: K900338.E6D from the 640-700.zip file downloaded from QV.  When I try and test my connection when selecting QvSAPConnector.dll(32) I get the following error:


      Mismatch between SAP Transport and connector versions. Please import the correct SAP transport. Unable to retrieve transport version from system. Invalid parameter 'RFC_FUNCTION_HANDLE' was passed to the API call

      Failed to test connection!


      I'm using Qlikview Version 11.20.120187.0 SR3 and BW is 700 SP19.  Is this the correct transport for my BW system?


      Using the QVSAPDSOConnector.dll works fine but this doesn't required the transports however it does prove I can get a connection to my BW system.


      Using  the QvSAPOLAPConnector.dll I get a Custom read failed error, again this is not meant to require any transports..