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    Error with QvSAPConnector

    Clive Rouse

      Hi, I'm just testing out the various options for extracting data from SAP BW.


      I have a problem with QvSAPConnector.dll, I get the following error: Failed to test Connection, the log shows:


      Mismatch between SAP Transport and connector versions. Please import the correct SAP transport. Unable to retrieve transport version from system. Invalid parameter 'RFC_FUNCTION_HANDLE' was passed to the API call


      Failed to test connection!


      I've imported into BW the transport K900338.E6D from the 640-700.zip file downloaded today from Qv.  Is this the correct transport for my BW version.

      I'm using BW 7.00 SP19  and Qlikview 11.20.12018.0 SR3


      I've managed to extract data from a DSO using QvSAPDSOConnector which proves I can connect ok to my BW system but this does not use any of the programs imported with the transport. It worked both before and after I imported the transport.


      Any suggestions please?