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    select in field

      Hi everyone,


      I want to make a button that returns a result set where a field doens't contain a certain string.


      i already made a button with an action select in field to select all rows where column A contain string B. I can't seem to find how to use this action to return all the rows where column A doens't contain string B...


      any help plz


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          Stefan Wühl

          One simple solution would be to create two actions, first a Selection - Select in field to filter the column A values that contain string B, then a second action with Selection - Select Excluded.


          Another approach is to use a single action Selection - Select in field with a little more complex search string, something like



          To help you in more detail, it would be best if you post your current search string for the 'contains' filter.

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              Hi swuehl,


              thanks for the quick reply. I will test the second approach tomorrow.


              The first one won't work in my case as i need in fact three buttons. One that shows all sales with credit check  (where certain field <> 'no credit check'). One that shows all sales without credit check and one that shows all (credit check + no credit check check). The action with select excluded woudn't work when they press the button with show all . but i guess second approach will work thanks!

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                Steve Dark

                I would suggest that the approach of selecting in field and then reversing the selection in the next step is a good move.  Sometimes it is required to clear the selection on one or more fields before doing that kind of thing.  These would simply be done as clear steps on the same click - just use the Promote and Demote buttons to get the actions in the right order.