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    how to create hierchy for child having multiple parents

      hi all

      i have data in which i want create Hierarchy which is having multiple parent and Multiple Child\

      i have Attched data file

      and image also the Hierarchy which i want to create

      plz help


      thanks and regardshie.png

        • Re: how to create hierchy for child having multiple parents
          Henric Cronström

          You need a straightforward Hierarchy prefix:


          Hierarchy (Reporting_id, Parent_Reporting_Id, [Node Name], [Parent Name], [Node Name], [Path], '/', [Depth])

          LOAD Reporting_id,



               [Noad name] as [Node Name]

          FROM Data_multiple_parent.xlsx (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


          But be careful here: A hierarchy with multiple parents can explode in size. I your case, a node never has more than 4 parents, and it could make sense to display it as a hierarchy. But if the parent also has 4 parents - and the next parent also, then you have created 64 records of the single one you started with.


          Also, a node will appear in several places in the tree: