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    Font/text problem

    Johan Cervell



      I have a section with multiple text objects displaying dates and some other values. On the computers I have tested on everything works fine and looks like this:



      However, a customer is using the same application but gets the following problem (sorry about the screenshot resolution):



      When I am accessing the document the same way as he does (Qlikview Windows client/Open in Server) everything looks fine. Does anyone have any insights on this? User settings, screen resolution, etc.?



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          Bill Markham



          It is the differences in how the Full Browser [ aka Ajax] vs. IE Plugin renders objects.


          In your desktop try with & without WebView switched on


          And via AccessPoint try Full Browser [ aka Ajax] & IE Plugin.



          Best Regards,     Bill

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              Johan Cervell



              Thank you for your answer. However, neither the Ajax client nor the IE plugin is used in this case. We are only using the installed desktop client. Toggling WebView does not make a difference.


              So the questions remains; why is there a difference in how the text looks on different computers when accessing the document in the same way?

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              Hi Johan,


              Such difference might be because of AJAX and IE plug in.

              If so, then you can check it on your machine by turning on/off web view, it can be done from View menu.




              By turning on webview, you can see how the application will look in AJAX and hence can adjust the size/appearance of the object accordingly.


              Hope this helps!