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    about variable.

      now I have tables.

      among that, one is composed product, price.

                          (calculated values)

      A     100               ?

      B     200               ?

      C     300               ?


      so i wanna receive a variable(vSer) on Input box.

      (maybe vSer will be 1~10 number.)


      After received value, go to calculation.

      ex.vSer is "4".




      using three charts(

      1. product, price

      2. input box(variable)

      3. result (product name, 400)




      I need three variables(for A, B and C)

      and hope to calculate separate values.


      now Im using this in result (one expression of listbox)

      if(vSer1 > 0, vSer1*price), price)

      if(vSer2 > 0, vSer2*price), price)


      ....I know thats innocence.



      Final Result I want

      (variable input box)          (result box)

      A     4                                   A     400

      B     2                                   B     400

      C     9                                   C     2700





      * I hope checking many products at same time.