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    Sum of rows Pivot table



      I have one straight table and one pivot table in which I want to sum up the total where 0,1-0,5 sums up to 0 and 0,6-0,9 sums up to 1.

      In the straight table I have marked Sum of Rows in the total mode in the expression tab and that sums up to a correct number. The expression is Round(Sum)(Full_equivalents))


      Then I have a pivot table showing months on the X axis and suppliers on the Y axis. In the pivot table I can´t make any changes in the expression tab, i.e. I can´t mark the Sum of Rows in the total mode and therefore it is not summing up the totals correct.


      Have anyone had a similar problem? I don´t see why it sums up differently since it gathers data from the same database