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    Only one user stuck on access point under IIS (loading content)

      Hello Qlikview Community,


      I have just installed Qlikview on IIS (before there was the Qlikview Web Server and everything worked fine) and all the users still manage to access their applications except one user. This user is stuck at the "loading content" page from his session. But when he connects from someone else session with his Qlikview credentials then it works. So it is obviously linked to the user session.


      When we look at the logs files, it appears that the user reach IIS but then don't reach the Qlikview page : there is a log for IIS but no event at Qlikview side.


      The configuration is

      - QV SR03 11.20

      - IIS 8

      - in IIS, we allowed "Anonymous" and "Windows Authentication" for QvAjaxZfc

      - .Net 4.0

      - we delete the cache before each try

      - no proxy

      - the Qlikview server is in the trusted site or intranet (but this does not affect the behavior)


      Thanks a lot for your help.