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    Calculation, Variable

      Hi, All


      I have a question.

      now I have three tables.

      1) 'product' and 'price' definition

      A     100

      B     200

      C     300


      2) The table which can count through variables in input box

      ex. multiply





      3) Last is Result.

      A     500

      B     400

      C     2100


      I know that top of the last table was appeared, but I want to use that total value again.

      To do that, I thought  I need one variable more and want to show that value(=variable) in text box no action.

      I don't how to explain that variable in expression.

      want to show [RESULT=3000].



      WHY,I used other variable value in text box. but didn't appear value. impossible?



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          Not sure if I understand you correctly.

          Per my understanding you want to display the total of "Result" column.

          You can have the total shown in the same table :


          Go to Properties-expressions of the table, then in total mode section, check any of the radio button to display the total in the table itself.


          Now, to get the total displayed in a text box, you can set a variable as Sum(Your Expression) in Variable overview and then use that variable in text box.

          PFA. hope it helps.

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              thank you again:)


              I sorry already solve it before see your answer.

              thank you so much every time


              after checking sum in expression tab,


              so I tried to use your answer again '=$(vResult)'

              but that's not working

              I don't know reason exactly.....


              my variable name is vI

              I used it '= num(sum ($(vI)), '#,##0')'

              Its working well..



              Thank you,

              Shyamal Pandit:)