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    restricting the data

    sriram s

      In my application there is some thing called level of analysis (LOA_DESC) . with the values country and purchasing country,


      When country is selected following appears in the report (attached with the file name country level of analysis) As can be seen from the image for the country only ar:argentina  br:Brazil should apprear.


      How to filter those other values when country level of analysis is clicked


      In other words for the country level of analysis only country code and country_desc should appear in the report.


      Next for other level of analysis purchasing country only country code and cust_id should be appearing . Attached image will explain clearly .

      For purchasing country there should not be any description to be appearing in the report.


      The script written in the back end is


      select distinct cust_id  as LOA , tp_ctry_code||':'|| cust_id as LOA_DESC
      from  dgdmrv07.VGDMR_FPM_ADQ where dmd_mgmt_ownr_code='P401'

      select DISTINCT ctry_code    as LOA , ctry_code||':'||ctry_desc  as LOA_DESC
      from  dgdmrv07.FPM_LA_PROD_DTLS

      Help is required at the earliest. This needs to be completed by today itself.