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    Replace part of a string with another

    Antoine Frangieh

      Hello Friends,


      I have the following scenario:


      LOAD * INLINE [

      A, B, D

      a, b, xyz

      a, b, uvw

      a, b, rst






      LOAD * INLINE [

      A, B, C

      a, b, abcdefg

      a, b, abhijk

      a, b, ablmno




      I would like to replace dynamically in T1 with the values from T0 based on the couple A|B


      My Output would look like:


      LOAD * INLINE [


      a, b, xyzcdefg

      a, b, xyzhijk

      a, b, xyzlmno

      a, b, uvwcdefg

      a, b, uvwhijk

      a, b, uvwlmno

      a, b, rstcdefg

      a, b, rsthijk

      a, b, rstlmno




      I feel the answer to be simple, my brain is slightly tired

      Thanks for your help,