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    Clause Where in a Load


      I am a rookie in Qlikview and i need help for a point.


      I want to load some lines from a table into another.

      The lines i want to load in the new table must contain the char '!', then 3 spaces (like '   ') and then 1 char which can't be a space

      It must be something like '!   ?' with ?<>' '

      Can someone help me to write this correctly in the where clause of the load like i show below?



      load [Field0_] as Désignation,

        [Field1_] as Emballage,

        [Field2_] as Contenu,

        [Field3_] as [Nb Cols],

        [Field4_] as [Nb Pals],

        [Field5_] as [Nb Litres]

      resident previousTable

      where [Field0_] =