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    Set Analysis help request

    Frank Mogavero

      QV Got.jpg

      Above is a chart set up the way the client wants to view the data. If I try =SUM(Percent) it returns the total for every row of data. I have tried MIN(Percent) and it gives the minimum for that project I have tried various other set analyses like =SUM({1}Percentage) and have had no luck. QV Req.jpg

      I have a picture of what I am trying to do. Each Cost center has it’s own percentage. This percentage is repeated over multiple projects. I need to add up the percentages by allocation code. The percentages never change but are repeated in the data. So Cost Center X will always have a percentage of Y in Allocation code Z. How can I return the total of distinct cost center percentages by allocation code using set analysis?

      Thanks in advance,