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    "default login page" vs "Alternate login page"

    Marcus Ellinghausen



      I have upgrade Qv to 11.20 SR4.


      I Have now the Problem, when I manuelly type the alternate page in the browser  /qlikview/formlogin.htm and I give my credential and then o.k. QV dont open the AccesPoint


      The URl is http://qlv-00003/QvAJAXZfc/Authenticate.aspx?back=/qlikview/FormLogin.htm


      thats it. No Document.


      IF a say in the QMC the login Adress is "Alternate login page" as default I can authenticate and see my documents.


      This Problem comes with the update.


      Please help.




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          Hampus von Platen

          Hi Marcus,


          There has been a changed behavior (depending on from what version you are upgrading) regarding the formlogin and basic authentication. Please check the release notes, its should give you some more info regarding what has been changed and how you can fix it for your environment.  


          Good luck!

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              Marcus Ellinghausen

              Hi Ampus,


              you think that is my problem:


              Bug: 45832 QMS: Using NTLM Authentication with Custom or Alternate Login Page


              Vulnerability Fix


              We are issuing an update to address vulnerability in authentication when using NTLM authentication


              with Custom or Alternate Login Page.


              After implementation of this fix the end-user will need to login using a username in the form


              DOMAIN\UserID , if NTLM is used with Custom or Alternate Login Page.


              To implement this update and ensure that the combination of NTLM/custom login page/alternate login


              page is correctly secured please ensure that the following are implemented:



              -Install SSL if not already installed. The fix for this combination involves transmission of user


              credentials using clear text via HTTP Form standard.


              I must implement SSL vor communication intern?