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    Publisher license in license screen pointing to wrong server after migration

    Anton Wibowo



      I have some questions that I appreciate if you could help me solve this.

      I have Publisher (recently upgraded from QV10SR2 to QV11SR3 prior to migration) that I installed on the 2nd server (after migrating it from 1st server). When I check the QMC on the 1st Server and check the "System" > "License" > "Publisher License", it's still pointing to the 1st server, even though, when I goto "System" >" Distribution Services", it's correctly pointing to the 2nd server.


      Q: What should I do to make the QMC Publisher license screen showing it on the 2nd server?


      As for the steps, this is what I did:

      Effectively, all other services still within 1st server (with QDS disabled), and only QDS is in 2nd server.

      1. I copied over from the 1st Server C:\ProgramFiles\QlikTech\ManagementServerce\ these following folders to the same path in NEW server (basically replacing the original folder in 2nd server):

      - folder: QVPR (and its contents)

      - folder: Publisher LEF 

      - qvpr_Machine1.ini --> I modified this file to match the 2nd server name

      - reginfo.txt


      2. Using QMC in 1st Server, under System", under "Distribution Services", I modified it to point to the 2nd server QDS (if you expand the nodes, then all services is pointing to 1st server, EXCEPT Distribution Services - which what is supposed to be)

      3. I tested the reload and everything else seems to be working fine - other than the above.



      I appreciate any tips and guidance you can provide me and Thanks in advance,