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    Removing Duplicates based on Date and Time Stamp

    Zach Paz

      I am trying to load only the most recent records based on date and time stamp.


      I have one QVD with the following records:






      There are multiple status names with a date and time stamp for each lead_id. Example:


      lead_id  status_name_update  status_date_update

      1234     contacted                   41456.942928241

      1234     converted                    41456.078564815


      I want only the latest record to be loaded:


      lead_id  status_name_update  status_date_update

      1234     converted                   41456.942928241


      This is the table I am using:

      LOAD lead_id,




      [C:\XXX.QVD] (qvd);


      I have tried multiple solutions from other QV Community posts but cannot seem to get anything working properly. Please help!