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    QlikView Expressor and Self/service Governance ways

      Hello guys,


      My company is considering implementation of QV Expressor for more governance over our Self-service enviroment. I have studied lot of materials, but still cannot completely grasp the concept. Hopefully ou could help me.


      So my questions are:


      Is there other way how to promote metadata or rules defined in QlikView Expressor i.e. unified expressions for business definitions or mapped Schemes to semantic layer, differently then by loading created QWX file instead of our current QVDs ?


      I just don't want to loose the reusability and already built quite a large QVD storage layer for completely new one.


      So my question stands, is there a way how to promote Self/service technological governance differently then using bigger QWXs as sources for user apps ?


      I would also welcome any other tips how to promote or force more technological supervision in QV Self-service enviroment. Thank you for reading.