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    Set Analysis Syntax When Extra Function is Included

    Nate Schroeder

      I was wondering if somebody could give me some advice on what I'm doing wrong here.  This works fine until I include the piece where I'm trying to count items where the Est. Completion Date is 'less than' today.  I've tried multiple variations (less than in place of equals, with and without $, etc.)  and it seemed to work at one point but it was showing results where the Est. Completion Data was not being factored in at all.  As-is below, my chart is just saying "No data to display".  I have my date fields set in date format (M/D/YYYY) in the the load script.


      count({$<[Current Status]-={'Completed','Withdrawn'},[Est. Completion Date]={$'<'(=Today(1))}>}[Defect ID])


      I appreciate any advice you may have.  Thanks!