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    Variable as expression

    Evelien Morel

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to use a variable as an expression.

      It works but only half. Can anybody shed some light please?


      I have a inputbox with predefined values only, being 'EUR' and 'Local'.

      Whatever is selected in the inputbox, goes to a variable vCurrency.

      I use the variable in another variable vCurrAmount.

      In that variable I define the following:

      if(vCurrency = 'EUR', [Amount EUR Curr], [Amount Transaction Curr])


      In my chart, I use the variable vCurrAmount as expression.



      This works fine if in the inputbox the option 'EUR' is selected.

      If I select the option 'Local', the expression doesn't work anymore.


      I've tried a lot of different thing with $ signs and = marks.

      Nothing seems to give me the correct result.



      Many thanks in advance.